MOTHERHOOD: Two Months with August / by Vivian Chen

Dear Gus Gus,
They were right. Just like that, our second month together has come and gone. In a blink of an eye, our tiny squishy newborn is now a sweet chunky monkey of a baby.

You’re becoming more aware of the world everyday. I watch in amazement as you drink in your surroundings, curious to each new sight and sound. Knowing that it’s just a matter of time before your eyes can truly see me makes my heart flutter.

But until then, I love talking with you, imitating your cute little squeaks, grunts and snorts. I love the way your tiny hands grip on to my clothes and chest. I love giving you baths and singing you silly made up songs. And of course, reading you books. You might not understand the words but I’d like to think you remember. That these little routines mean something. That you feel safe and cozy and at home.


Nothing else in the world can replicate the feeling of making you happy. Chasing your smiles is all I ever want to do and all that always I will do. ♥️