ANA & JOE in Bass Lake » Pines Resort Destination Wedding / by Vivian Chen

Ana and Joe love the great outdoors and love backpacking all around California. So it made sense when they chose to get married at The Pines Resort in Bass Lake. They jokingly referred to the location as “SoYo” otherwise known as South Yosemite. Their intimate wedding party included 50 of their closest friends and family who all stayed at the resort to spend the long weekend enjoying the lake and local trails. Ana and Joe made sure to provide all of their guests with a little welcome box of goodies. In addition to the thoughtful presents, Ana and Joe DIYed all of the decor with each table featuring an animal or tree species native to the Sierras. After their lakeside nuptials, which featured a hand-fasting ceremony, we took a break to take some photos on the nearby dock before heading back for dinner and dancing. My favorite part of the day was watching the sun dip down behind the mountains while the guests enjoyed the toasts and dessert.