CONEY & SUNNY'S Muir Woods & Mount Tamalpais Portrait Session / by Vivian Chen

Coney and Sunny were married with a simple courthouse ceremony in Los Angeles earlier this year but never really got a chance for some proper photos. Coney, a talented illustrator with a love of nature, always dreamed of taking photos in Muir Woods, ever since she fell in love with the place several years ago. As a big fan of redwood forests, I was immediately on board to do a portrait session with this sweet couple in one of my favorite places. We heading into the woods an hour before the park closed and had most of the trails to ourselves. As I took them deeper into the park, we stumbled across a patch of ladybugs and one took a liking to Coney. Afterward a quick outfit change, we drove up to Mount Tamalpais for a new more photos just as the sun disappeared.