MEAGAN & REUBEN in Mill Valley » Outdoor Art Club Wedding / by Vivian Chen

Meagan and Reuben wanted a low-key and relaxed wedding to match their personalities. They are a very practical and egalitarian couple and it shows. On how they decided to get married, Reuben said, “Even at the moment we started dating, our relationship was already quite serious, since we'd already known each other extremely well for ~5 years. I think we both had in mind that if this 'worked out', we were hoping to marry each other. We talked about marriage frequently in the first two years of our relationship. One belief that both of us held around a proposal is that it shouldn't be the one-sided exercise that it frequently is. We felt that either both of us should get engagement rings or neither of us should and that there shouldn't necessarily be a "proposal" as such. So, in the spring of this year, we spent several weekends going to various jewelry stores in the Bay Area shopping for engagement rings for the both of us. After finding ones we liked and getting them, it was very much a "Hmmm, I guess we should start telling people this is a thing now?" Even though we were very intentional about choosing each other, we actually can't even point to a moment when we decided to get married since it was kind of the default assumption for so long!”

Meagan and Reuben, big fans of backpacking and camping, really wanted to showcase California elegance so the Outdoor Art Club in Mill Valley was the perfect choice because of its natural beauty. When I arrived at the venue, Meagan and Reuben were getting ready together. Reuben even helped steam Meagan’s dress. Reuben’s sister played a big role in helping the day unfold as she not only officiated but also made the ceramics for the reception florals and baked the wedding cake. Their intimate wedding truly showcased the power of community and the love everyone has for the two of them.

Wedding Venue: Outdoor Art Club // Floral Design: DIY with help from Reuben’s sister Madeline // Caterer: RSVP Catering // Dessert Pies: Mission Pie // Hair & Make-Up: Caitlin Collentine // Meagan’s Dress: Unbridaled by Dan Jones from LOHO Bride // Meagan’s Shoes: Sam Edelman // Reuben’s Suit: Suitsupply // Reuben’s Shoes: Allen Edmonds // Wedding Bands: Esqueleto