I'd love if you could answer the following questionnaire so I can get a feel for who you are as a couple and what you are looking for in terms of your portrait session. Don't think too hard about these questions, just have fun with them and write what first comes to mind!

If you have a wedding website and are comfortable sharing it with me, please provide the link here:
Whether you just looked at each other one day and said "Let's do this!" or if you planned an elaborate scavenger hunt through NYC, all stories are good stories!
Write down what first comes to mind! -- Is it posed? Is there movement? Where are you? Are there colors? Is it black and white?
There's generally some kissing with couple shoots but we don't have to do that if you're not comfortable.
Everyone has their own definition of cheesy. ("It's so cute!" or "Meh, not us"?) How cheesy is too cheesy?
Describe some ways you like to spend time together as a couple.
Some examples: Spending the weekend away with friends and family, finally being done with all my DIY projects, the delicious wedding desserts, having an epic dance party, honeymooning on a quiet beach afterwards.