It's been amazing to be able to relive the special moments from our City Hall ceremony and reception, especially while the memories and emotions are all so fresh. The photos taken in City Hall are absolutely beautiful!  Looking back on that day, we both would have loved to spend more time gazing at the architecture and details inside City Hall, but so glad to have lovely photos that capture them.  And, thank you for recognizing when we felt a bit overwhelmed by our family of photographers and needed to step away. 

We are very thankful that we were able to work with you!  We have many thanks!  Thank you for capturing moments that we missed and didn't realize were happening at the reception.  We love the candid photos! Thank you for consistently being calm and composed when we felt things were hectic.  Thank you for being a master of many skills, including knowing how to pin a boutonniere and identifying errors on our application for our marriage license (yikes!)! We look forward to looking back at these photos to remember this important event in our lives.  
Michelle & Chris


I feel like I have been trying to write this email for weeks.  I don't even know where to begin with these pictures.  I am ugly cry happy with these photos and with having you part of our wedding.  Both Jesse and I feel like we have found a new friend in you which made everything mean so much more to us.  All of our guests have remarked how much they also loved you and were so happy with the photos. Thank you so much Vivian for truly making our wedding really feel special.
Kristen & Jesse


Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of our wedding, and for turning the photos around so quickly! Working with you was easily one of the best decisions we made in our planning. The photos are gorgeous: crisp, clean, and vibrant. We chose you because of your passion for the outdoors, we wanted to be sure we had a photographer who could capture the light in the redwood grove during the ceremony. You did a beautiful job. We're very, very happy with our photos -- we really couldn't imagine anything better. Perhaps just as important was how easy it was to work with you. Your responsiveness, organization, and kindness were so appreciated. In the midst of many moving parts, it was fantastic to work with such a competent person -- thank you for always being such a handler! We really can't recommend you highly enough!
Julie & Galen

All I can say is "WOW!" There are no words to describe how happy Jarret and I are with the pictures. You truly have a great eye and captured every part of the day PERFECTLY! Since the day you sent them, we have looked at them everyday. It's so hard to mark our favorites because we truly love them all! Jarret and I made the best decision when we decided to hire your. You are the best! Thank you for capturing one of the most important days of our lives!
Tracy & Jarret



I can't thank you enough for these wonderful photos. They turned out even better than I'd hoped. You captured moments I didn't even know were happening, got beautiful shots of almost all our guests, and even made the undecorated church basement look good (a source of puzzlement to every church parishioner who has seen the them! I think you must have turned up the blue in the ceiling lights). Most of all, the photos look the way I felt. We've received so many compliments on photos themselves, as well as comments from guests about how cool our photographer was. I really appreciate everything. Thank you!
Erin & Nick


It was such a pleasure to have you photograph this memorable day for us. I knew you'd be a total pro, and Mike was equally impressed by your know-how and professionalism. We truly appreciate you staying with us through that unexpected delay in the proceedings. These initial pictures are already impressive, we really do love the quality. We're EXCITED to see the rest.
Roy & Mike


These are spectacular and you are so lightning fast, it was such a treat to see these today. We had the most fun imaginable, I am so amazed at how perfectly everything went and how present we were able to feel. Thanks for helping the day go incredibly smoothly and for capturing all the fun. My mom LOVES your photos (and she has crazy high standards since she's done a lot of photography, and specifically portraits, over the years) and she can't even handle how beautiful the photo is with me leaning my hand on Brian's shoulder in front of the cool garage door. She's already planning to have it printed and put in a frame and just wants to look at it over and over again. She says your framing was just perfection. Thank you again!!
Lindsay & Brian


Wow, you are so quick! We weren't expecting these for another two or more weeks! What a pleasant surprise! They really are AMAZING! You are so great at what you do. We love every photo. I had to wait all day yesterday for Michael to get off work before we could look at the photos together. It was torture! But we finally went through every single one together last night. It was almost like we got to re-live our wedding day! We wish we could do it all over again, but this was the next best thing. We love all the details that you captured that we had completely forgotten about. Thanks so much Viv for all your hard work and patience with us! Thanks for helping us capture such special memories for us. 
Natalie & Michael


ZOMG, these are fantastic. I love that these photos show me aspects of the wedding that are completely new to me (like Anabelle with her father before the ceremony, or even the joy on our faces during the speeches.) Anabelle and I had so much fun on Saturday. Easily the best day of my life, and I'm sad that it's over, but I'm so happy that all the moments were captured so beautifully. Thank you so much Vivian for everything. Anabelle and I have been constantly talking about how lucky we are that you were there.

AHHHH!! Thanks SOOO much for sending us this sneak peek so soon!! You are seriously amazing, Vivian! I cannot thank you enough for capturing our day so beautifully and being so calm through all the chaos! Oh yeah - and bustling my dress! YOU ARE THE BEST BEST BEST!!
Anabelle & Shawn


Erica and I received your flash drive with our pictures, along with all those other goodies. THANK YOU SO MUCH! The whole package was so cute and put smiles on our faces. And the photos are absolutely stunning!!!! You and your team captured the wedding perfectly. The night passed so quickly, we are loving reliving it through these photographs and seeing all the things we missed that night too! (It's adding a whole other perspective to the wedding!) I know we've thanked you a bunch already, but we are so incredibly grateful for all your hard work, attention to detail and the absolutely gorgeous pictures you and your team captured.  It was a pleasure working with you and we wish you nothing but success and fulfillment in your gorgeous photography!
Erica & Dom


These are absolutely breathtaking. We literally went through every single one last night together over dinner and our moms are on the third round! This is a gift we will treasure our entire lives and we cannot thank you enough. You captured the entire day just as we remember it. Thank you again!
Shirmila & Tommy 


Now that things have calmed down after the wedding, we wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work you did at our wedding.  From the engagement photos to the teasers to the kajillion photos we are looking forward to seeing, we continue to be impressed with the skill you brought to our wedding.  Thanks for being such an important part of the whole process!  (Also, a picture from you is now framed on almost every shelf in our tiny New York City apartment.) Thanks again! 
Lauren & Michael


Thanks so much! We've LOVED looking at the photos and just received the lovely package with the flash drive yesterday. Again, thank you SO SO SO much for everything -- you were outstanding, so professional, and just a pleasure to work with. My parents are so impressed with your photos and so happy. And Robert and I are as well!
Meera & Robert


These are so beautiful! When I showed Keri the first picture she literally screamed in delight--whole jumping up and down. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so glad she found you!  

I just died a hundred times. Thank you so much for being there to capture our day. We're so happy and excited about the photos. They are AMAZING and I could not be happier. You're such an amazing photographer. We're so lucky. Thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with and taking such beautiful pictures of the day. Our first kiss in black and white is literally epic. You're amazing!
Keri & Dave

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